Adam Ulbricht – Príhovor MARMUN

Dear Mayor, Honorable secretariat, distinguished guests, the most outstanding delegates, dear friends,

During Christmas 2018, we had a visit from my parent’s friends at home. As they were about to leave my mum decided to pack them a part of the cake she had baked. These three slices of the cake she packed in a plastic single-use container, then she wrapped the containerin the foil, this foiled dose packed into a small plastic sack and at the top of that she put it into a bigger bag. I said nothing. After the visitors left, my mum saw I seemed a bit odd. As she asked what’s wrong, I answered with a question.

Did they really need the three slices of cake in four layers of plastic? She answered swiftly, with no regrets; why not?

I told her about the crisis we currently face, showed her several pictures, and we were discussing this plastic issue and its consequences for a while, as my mum was very curious. My parents had never looked after their environmental footprint, until this very moment.

I do not believe in recycling very much. I explain. If you were to walk into a bathroom, bath overflowing, water spilling all over the floor, soaking into a wall. You have to think fast, you have a bucket and mop. What do you do first? Why don’t we turn off the tap? If would be pointless to scoop up the water if you do not turn off the tap.

After a year our household moved forward.

Firstly, my parents created a composter after my dad read a study on biodegradable waste. He found out that, about 50% of Slovak waste is biodegradable, even though we do not separate it from the rest.

Secondly, I think I can count on one hand, the number of plastic bags my mum used for groceries last year. She has been using not only reusable bags for shopping but smaller ones for vegetables and fruit as well. Not once, she came home telling me, people were curious about what the bags for., since it was an unknown thing here a year ago.

Thirdly, my parents got used to package-free shampoos and bamboo ear sticks.

Lastly, my mum created a habit, called a “non-meat day”. Every week, one day, our family tries not to eat meat, not only because of the environmental footprint but the health impact as well.

I am very proud of my parent’s decisions since I know a lot of people who do not give a lot of thought to this issue.

I believe this planet does not seek 10% of people who live 100% green, this planet urgently needs these 90% left to live at least 50% green. I did not force my family to become vegans or stop flying since it would affect our lives for the worse. I offered my family to start with little things and I believe that our family did better for this planet, as might a couple of vegans.

I am very proud to call MarMUN eco-friendly as we tried our best to reduce the footprint and at the same time, retain the high standards of the conference.

To sum up, my message is very simple, everybody should look at him or herself and ask, how can I contribute to solving this issue?

Power comes in unity, and for the unity, we are now here.

With the greatest pleasure, let me welcome you to the very first edition of Martin Model United Nations.

Adam Ulbricht