The ruthless killer of these days is called COVID- 19. The illness has already taken 2.67 million human lives, but it also gave life to one specific friendship. Ours. Maybe it sounds a little selfish, but it’s also important to see the better side of this situation. Human beings need more optimism when something really bad is going on. We also need someone who may stay close to us, someone with whom we can share our suffering, depression, but also someone with whom we may be able to find the good side of bad things. We need these people because otherwise we can´t survive.

It was awkward at the beginning – when we saw each other for the first time at summer camp – however, not only then but also during the first months of the first school year in our class, which was full of new people. Everyone was looking for some kind of a bond they had at middle school. It´s common that in a new environment where people feel insecure, they try to find a person who would be there for them.

This was our case too. It all started about a year ago when we already had some acquaintances in the class but there was still an empty space on our list of friends. No one would then tell that one of us would fill that space.

Distance education is the main reason for the connection we have created. The key thing you need to have if you want to be successful now, is a good reliable team. There are so many situations during online lessons when you need help. You need someone with whom you can solve maths or physics, or someone who would send you a link to join the online lesson when you are lost and strayed. You need someone who texts you back right after you text them or gives you advice when a teacher asks you a question. These things can make friendship deeper than you think. That´s how we started texting, calling and planning together.

It´s still very special considering the fact that we didn´t even talk for the first 2 or 3 months of the first school year. In addition, we are both a bit quiet. So yeah, we can say that corona brought us some benefits and that´s why we sometimes find online education better than classroom learning. But we also think that it´s very important to start living a normal life again because of things that strengthen friendships in a more special way. We have in mind things such as trips, after-school activities, going for coffee, lunch or playing bowling together. We need all this and are looking forward to experiencing it soon again.

K.K.+ A.H, študentky II.BG